Open Burning Season Begins January 15th, 2013

Last year, the Goshen Fire Department began using the system developed for the FCFCA to electronically issue and track open burning permits. Goshen residents who want to burn but do not want to use the electronic system must call the Goshen Fire Department business line (413-268-7161) to schedule an inspection and receive a written permit.

Inspections of your brush pile will only be completed on Friday mornings so please plan accordingly.

People who utilize the electronic system do not have to go through this inspection process.

The way the system is set up, no permits will be issued before or after that 4 1/2 hour window. A permit needs to be requested each day you wish to burn. On days where open burning is not being permitted due to weather conditions, the system will be disabled. A reminder that fires need to be started by 1PM and fully extinguished by 4PM. Failure to follow these rules can result in the revocation of your permit for the remainder of the open burning season.

Click here to go to the official online Burning Permitting system.


Interested in finding out if permits are being issued today, right from your mobile phone? Read more here.